From National Champion gymnast to Award-Winning Collegiate Coach, Randy Lane has been a trusted and stable force in the gymnastics community for over 30 years.

Randy’s competitive gymnastics career began in his home state of Indiana where he won multiple state and national championships. As a top high school recruit Randy passed up several scholarship offers to walk on as a member of The University of Illinois gymnastics team. He then earned a scholarship his sophomore year and helped the team win the NCAA Championship in 1989. After receiving his degree in speech communications, Randy parlayed his gymnastics talents into the entertainment world where he learned the art and importance of performance. 

In 1992, Randy began his collegiate coaching career at UCLA. In between coaching stints at UCLA, Randy coached at three additional Universities; Head Coach at UC- Santa Barbara, Assistant Coach at The University of Florida, and as Michigan State University’s Associate Head Coach. In addition, he received his master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, adding yet another layer to his ability to provide his athletes with a wholistic approach to training and recovery. 

Randy’s love and commitment to gymnastics is what fuels his motivation to further learn and grow. Athletes describe his coaching style as emotionally supportive, safe, and that he treats every student-athlete as a person first, acknowledging their greatness both on and off the competition floor.

“Recruiting has always been an incredibly fun process for me. Developing relationships with the gymnast and her family is the most important start in the athlete’s collegiate journey.”

Coach Randy Lane’s mission is to help future generations of young athletes enjoy a positive experience navigating through their collegiate recruiting journey.



The CRL Workshop is uniquely designed based on each club and athletes’ recruiting needs. Workshops incorporate everyone involved with the prospective student-athlete’s recruitment: the gymnast, parents/guardians and coaches. All play an important role in the recruitment process and have a voice that should be heard. CRL Workshops strive to make the recruiting process positive, educational, enlightening and are created to fully prepare young athletes for a successful transition into college.



The recruiting process can be an overwhelming endeavor to take on for anyone involved; athlete, parent/guardian and coaches. The CRL One on One Coaching approach will help everyone involved navigate through the recruiting process from as early as the athlete’s 8th grade year. Learn valuable tools to make your recruiting journey more manageable.


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